#1 Tequila

Expertly hand-crafted in small batches since 1857. Every expression is a proud embodiment of our heritage, unique in taste and distinct in bottle.

Made with a completely unique proprietary process, Selección Suave

Established by Lázaro Gallardo, the world’s first Tequila Master Distiller

In a land renowned for its tequila, we claim the enviable title of Mexico’s No.1.

Our family of tequilas



Some tequilas can’t be rushed



Soft, complex, balanced



Rich, intense, traditional

Popular cocktails

highball glass of golden angel cocktail

Golden Angel

Sent from Heaven. Made by you.

tall glass of three guarantees cocktail

The Three Guarantees

Death, taxes and great tequila

How to enjoy Gran Centenario

Gran Centenario makes an elegant cocktail. Try it in a margarita for a velvety mouthfeel. Alternatively, it’s equally delicious sipped neat.

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