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Tequila since 1795

Like so many good things in life, tequila takes time. The ancient process Jose Cuervo developed over 200 years ago is the same one we follow today. Really.

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At least seven years in
the making

Every bottle of tequila starts life as an agave plant. It takes seven years for the plant’s core to mature. Jimadors – farmers to you and me – then harvest them with care.

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Jose Cuervo's "La Rojeña" is the oldest active distillery in Latin America. It’s where our craftspeople work hard to roast, grind, ferment and distil agave cores. The result? Tequila – almost.

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Behind every great tequila is a great story. From centuries-old-traditions to innovative processes and unforgettable cocktails – the world of tequila is an amazing place. And everyone’s invited.