Types of Mezcal

What is mezcal?

Think of mezcal as tequila’s grown-up cousin. It’s a spirit made from the heart of the agave plant, but unlike tequila, mezcal can be made from 15 types of agave. This means that every mezcal is a complex blend of especially selected agaves, whilst oven-roasting gives it the distinctly smoky flavor that afficionados love. Broadly speaking, we can break it down into 3 distinct categories.

Types of Mezcal

Mezcal Industrial

Mezcal Industrial

High-tech equipment is used for smooth processing.

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Mezcal Artisanal

Mezcal Artisanal

Made using a combination of ancient and new processes.

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Mezcal Ancestral

Mezcal Ancestral

Produced using traditional processes only.

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Mezcal Ritual

Sal De Gusano

Worm salt

Sal de gusano can be added to the rim of your glass. The gentle smoke and spice of worm salt complements and enhances those same flavours in the mezcal. But sal de gusano was an invention borne from necessity. When left alone, the worms feast on the pulp of the mezcal. By carefully plucking them and toasting them with hand harvested Oaxacan sea salt and dried Oaxacan chillies, the agave pulp is free of pests, and you can enjoy a tasty garnish.

Vaso Veladora


The shape, size, material and thickness of the glass have an effect on your enjoyment of mezcal. The right vessel allows you to breathe in the aroma before taking a sip. Swishing the liquid around in your mouth opens your palate and allows your taste buds to adjust to the the alcohol. With each new sip, you should be able to taste the spectrum of flavours in the mezcal. Smoky, fruity, vegetal.

Fresh Orange


While the sal de gusano is meant to complement and enhance the taste of mezcal, the freshness of the citrus keeps your palette cleansed so that you can uncover new dimensions sip after sip.

Learn about Tequila

Tequila, which can be produced in five states in Mexico, is made by steaming Blue Weber agave piñas using a brick oven. Some tequila is then barrel aged, and the choice of barrel changes the flavour.

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