How to
taste tequila

A short guide to tasting and appreciating different tequilas

Experiencing this centuries-old spirit isn’t just about the flavour you detect on your tongue. To truly taste tequila, sight and smell play an important part, too.


Before a drop is tasted, look. Examine against the light, hold the glass at eye level so that different colourations can be detected. They say you eat with your eyes, and the same is true of drinking tequila.


Through aroma alone, a good tequila master can distinguish the region of Jalisco where the agave was grown. For everyone else, there are a variety of aromas to be identified, including spices, herbs, fruit and more.


Flavour profiles can vary wildly. But there are six basic flavours you can experience: spice, acid, sweet, bitter, astringent, and salty.

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