The Story of
the Margarita

Margarita is from Mexico

This much we know. The margarita cocktail was created in 1938 to honour a beautiful Mexican showgirl named Rita de la Rosa. Inspired by her electrifying performance, a bartender improvised a cocktail to capture her heart. He reached for the Jose Cuervo and added the flavour of ripe Mexican limes. The world has been in love with the margarita ever since.

But is this the true story of the margarita?

Tommy's margarita

A secret widely shared

It’s the 1940s. The Mexican sun shines bright. Charismatic movie stars, beautiful starlets, and high society socialites from Baja California mingle. Their drink of choice? Tequila. Bartenders mix endless cocktails inspired by the expansive beaches all around them. Everyone wishes to stake their claim as inventor of the margarita, but to this day, the true story remains a mystery.

Margarita Mexicana

One thing that can’t be disputed is that the margarita has an edge. A special character. A certain flavour that can’t be found in other cocktails. Why? Tequila. Only the spirit that captures the heart and soul of Mexico – its traditions, its magic, its history – can infuse the margarita with fun, and the flavour we all know and love. Better still, anyone can make one. Whether you shake, stir, or serve over ice, a margarita made with passion is perfect.

Tequila today

Tequila wouldn’t be where it is today without the margarita, the cocktail that captured the world’s tastebuds. Often called the ‘bartenders’ best friend’, the margarita has been one of the 5 most famous cocktails in the world since the ’90s.

Shake it up

Cuervo Classic Margarita

Jose Cuervo, orange liqueur and fresh lime are all you need to make the world’s favourite cocktail. Shake it, serve it, sip it.

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Diamond Drop

The margarita we all love – but make it even smoother. Because diamonds are everyone’s best friend.

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1800 Cristalino Cristal Margarita

Take your margarita to the next level with 1800 Cristalino Cristal. Or as we like to call it, the jewel of Jalisco.

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Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix

You can always call upon Jose Cuervo’s accomplice for a margarita in an instant. Just add tequila.

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Your perfect serve

We already know you’ve got great taste. Find cocktails to match. Or treat your tastebuds to something new – surprise me



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